Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I loved QuarkXpress software so much, but it all changed the day I got QuarkXPress 6.0. So I started this blog and will keep adding each and every trouble I face each and every day every hour every second what I face to let the world know.

When ever I my hours of work get wasted when for no reason document get corrupter I hate QuarkXpress 6.0 from the deepest of my heart and Quark to create such a mess.

I hate Quark's Quality team to pass something out that was full of Bugs to give me such a hard time.

I again hate Quark when I get unexpected quits and have worked for hours. I don' know what these guys were thinking while they coded this software with so many bugs.

I and found this website and I hate Quark so much that I bought everything at this website that sells I hate Quark stuff.

I guess these guys have been through the same so came up with this I hate Quark Stuff @ http://www.cafepress.com/quarkxpress really cool stuff on sale, that portrays the real hatred about this silly product.

I am going to wear this stuff around so every one will know how bad Quark and there buggy product is so everyone will be aware soon what is going on may be will compel those in higher management to think about researching on there product. I wish Quark best of luck only if they would have taken care of there product it was a adorable product, look what they have done now !!

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